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The pumpkin seed oil

The oil pumpkin thrives best in a warm and temperate climate. At the beginning of May, the pumpkin seeds are placed in the sun-warmed soil. After about 2 weeks, the first leaves start to sprout from the earth. At the beginning of the summer months, the flowers are a nutritious bee pasture. The yellow-green pumpkins form from the fertilized flowers. In autumn it's time to harvest the precious fruits. Washed and gently dried, the pumpkin seeds are ready to be pressed.


At first, they are finely ground up and made into a paste with salt and water. This mixture is slowly heated in a roasting pan. This creates the unique nutty smell and the dark green of the pure pumpkin seed oil.

The "green gold" is ideal for refining salads, soups and main dishes. Vanilla ice cream with a dash of seed oil is also a sinful tip for those with a sweet tooth!

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